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September 15 2018

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The Kessler Syndrome theory: they saw our planet with all of the satellites and debris orbiting it and thought «WTF is wrong with those people?!»
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June 20 2015

Flight simulator
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March 21 2015

IKEA uses bridges to tie parts of their tables together, but they're not very stable so I made a replacement part. This is made of PLA but it's already more stable than the original gingerbread ones. I recommend using nylon for this part.

mySN.de | SCHENKER XMG | Schenker Technologies

Web shop selling reasonable laptops for reasonable prices.

February 17 2015

Falsehoods programmers believe about addresses

An eumeration of a few things programmers believe about addresses which are actually completely wrong.

Falsehoods programmers believe about time: Noah Sussman: Infinite Undo

An enumeration of a number of things programmers tend to believe about time but which are completely wrong.

Falsehoods Programmers Believe About Names | Kalzumeus Software

An enumeration of a number of things which are usually assumed about names but are completely wrong.

February 11 2015

How to differenciate between law, theory and hypothesis

January 22 2015

Migros markets their Alnatura bio products by shaming poor parents.
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